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Shane Colquhoun
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Shane Colquhoun

Principal Licensee - LJ Hooker Nerang

0414 255 465

Principal Licensee

Liveability Real Estate Specialist Liveability Real Estate Specialist
Admiral Advisory Group Admiral Advisory Group
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Local home sellers, buyers, investors and developers can now be assured that they are dealing with the “best of the best” when it comes to selecting a proven agency for any of their real estate needs. Shane is President of the LJ Hooker Franchise Owners Council and has also been on the Franchise Owners Council, managing the ‘Marketing Portfolio’ and representing LJ Hooker franchise owners of Southern Queensland since 2010. Shane also has ownership in LJ Hooker Coomera, Pacific Pines & Helensvale, with the goal to further build more successful people through systems, training and a “nobody does it better” culture. Between the 4 offices, Shane is proud to boast numerous industry awards from his “real estate family”: Recognised as the largest and most successful real estate organisations’ within the Gold Coast’s western corridor with a continued passion to remain #1, you can’t go past Shane Colquhoun and the incredible teams at LJ Hooker Nerang, Coomera, Pacific Pines & Helensvale....nobody does it better!



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Each and every year, Shane and the team have been recognised for outstanding success in the industry, including: 2019 Winner Large Residential Agency REIQ Awards for Excellence 2019 Winner Innovation REIQ Awards for Excellence 2019 REB Women In Real Estate - Diversity Office Of The Year - Finalist 2019 REB Women In Real Estate - Wellness Advocate Year - Finalist 2019 RateMyAgent  Gold Coast | Tweed Heads TOP 5 2019 RateMyAgent  Queensland TOP 10  2019 RateMyAgent Australia Wide - ranked 51st 2019 RateMyAgent Agency of the Year - Nerang 2019 RateMyAgent Agency of the Year - Highland Park 2019 RateMyAgent Agency of the Year  - Gilston 2019 RateMyAgent Agency of the Year  - Carrara 2019 RateMyAgent Agent of the Year - Highland Park - Jane Doogan 2019 RateMyAgent Agent of the Year - Gilston - Helen Thomas 2019 REB Top 50 Offices Australia 2018 Winner International Customer Experience Office LJ Hooker 2018 Winner International Best Cell Gold Coast LJ Hooker 2018 International 2nd Digital Presence LJ Hooker 2018 Excellence in Customer Service Award Finalist AREAS 2018 Franchise Owner of The Year Winner QLD/NT 2018 REB Winner Regional Sales Office 2018 Customer Experience Office Winner QLD/NT 2018 Digital Presence Office Winner QLD/NT 2018 Real Estate Business Top 50 Offices Australia 2018 REIQ Finalist Large Residential Agency of the Year 2017 International Cell Award LJ Hooker Gold Coast 2017 REB Principal of the year Regional 2017 Inducted to the Admirals Advisory Group 2017 Customer Experience Office Winner QLD/NT 2017 Digital Presence of the Year Winner QLD/NT 2017 Top Office All Income Large 3rd Place 2017 REB Finalist Principal of the year Regional 2017 REB Finalist Sale Office Regional 2017 REB Top 50 Offices Australia

LJ Hooker on the Gold Coast

Local Strength
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By focusing our offices on each neighbourhood we better understand the needs of our clients selling Gold Coast Real Estate. We focus exclusively on Gold Coast Property Value and work tirelessley to get a better feel for the needs of the clients who will buy your property. These 19 Gold Coast Real Estate offices work together to promote your property and capture and refer interested buyers to attend your open home. And, with 19 localised Gold Coast Real Estate websites, mobile websites and social media sites promoting your real estate property you have a stronger and larger network putting your home for sale in front of more potential property buyers.









High Fives

For a confidential call about working with our winning team contact me below

2-4 New Street
Nerang QLD 4211


0414 255 465

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